Historic LDS Tours…Our Approach

Our approach is private custom tours. It is that simple! You tell us what you want to see and how long you have and we do the rest. After traveling to these sacred locations time and again, Historic LDS Tours has created a unique experience for those looking to visit historic LDS sites. These tours are individually guided with small groups of people. Contact us today to plan your trip, the way you would like. You can see some suggested daily schedules under each tour, however, these can be adjusted to fit your desires. We do not have any pre-set dates, we can arrange to take you at your convenience.  

How Much does it Cost?

The cost of your trip depends on the number in your group and the length of the tour. We can be flexible with flight costs and reward tickets as well as other travel award programs. There are a number of variables for each tour, once we get a feel for what you want to see and when you want to go, we can price out the flights, accommodations and transportation. This only take a few minutes, but then we have an accurate estimate. 

How to Book a Tour

We can arrange the details of your trip in a number of ways, by phone, email or skype. Once we have a schedule and estimate that works, we can book the tour. We usually book the flights to start and then finalize the rest of the trip.  

Payment and Refunds

Tours are not booked until payment is received. One-half of the cost is due initially with the balance due 60 days before departure. Historic LDS Tours accepts checks, certified funds, wire transfers, Paypal, and Credit Cards (additional processing fees may be applied). No refunds will be given within 60 days of travel. Trip insurance is recommended but not required. 

Before the tour

Your experience with Historic LDS Tours begins well before you travel. Each tour includes some pre-trip study materials that will help prepare you for the trip. This material will include study guides and photos, historical reviews and some reading suggestions that will prepare you weeks before you leave, so you are ready to enjoy the spirit of these sites when you are there.

During the tour

When the tour begins, you will be guided personally, from start to finish. Your tour will be small and comfortable. Traveling with a large group can be very stressful, slow, and at times, a huge burden.Historic LDS Tours has created the best possible recipe for comfort, time-management, personal attention, flexibility and learning.

You will enjoy the most sacred places in the world without the frazzle and stress of large groups, where the many are usually waiting on the one. With Historic LDS Tours, you are the one, a smaller groups gives you the flexibility to come and go as needed, to return or stay as desired, and to see what the masses could not see.

Many of these sacred sites are to be enjoyed alone with the Spirit of what happened there. Historic LDS Tours focuses on creating these individual moments. Little else matters when traveling to such amazing locations.

Digital memory book

When the tour is complete and the life-changing memories preserved, Historic LDS Tours will provide a digital photo-book for each tour member, where all of the media from the tour can be viewed…Then, 1 tour down, 3 more to go!

The Guide

Sterling Jack

Sterling Jack, Ph,D.

Bio: Sterling has been in love with Church History and travel for many years. He was born and raised in South Jordan, Utah with a large family of 5 sisters and 2 brothers.

His passion for the history of the church began as a young child, hearing stories of his parents church mission to Scotland. This passion continued to grow while serving his own mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Manchester England.

Here, a mission history tour, and wonderful mission presidents, began to plant the seeds of love for church history. He served in England during the open house and dedication of the Preston Temple.

Here he would listen to the “Joseph Smith the Prophet” tapes by, Truman Madsen and visit many of the historical sites surrounding the history of the church in England and Wales.

His love for church history continued to expand while studying Church History at BYU from Dr. Andrew H. Hedges, who was meticulous for detail and accuracy. Sterling began to read and study the History of the Church and to visit many of these places time and time again. His parents served additional missions in Nauvoo, and Hawaii.

He made his first trip to Palmyra with his young family where they drove from New York to Missouri, taking in all they could from these inspirational sights. 

Since 2003, Sterling has been a volunteer instructor with Seminaries and Institutes, teaching is his Passion. Upon completing his Doctorate in 2009 he has been working as a Professor and Investment Advisor.

Following years of study and research, Sterling has finally begun to share his passion and expertise for Church History, on location, where it all happened. As the current growth of the Church expands, the foundation of history from which it grows can be an inspiration to all.

Visiting these places with Sterling will be a rare experience to be cherished and remember for a life time.

One of our Partners: M & M Photo Tours Inc. Historic LDS Tours has partnered with M & M Photo Tours, a photo tour company who takes photographers all over the world to take pictures in some of the most amazing places. We have partnered together  to offer Historic LDS / Photography tours to Israel and the UK.M&M logo master glow small1 

Trip Insurance Information

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