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Tour Summary

The initial history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begins in western New York and Ohio. Historic LDS Tours takes you through some of the most beautiful country in the eastern United States; visiting rivers, falls, lakes, and fields, all amidst some of the most sacred places on earth.

This tour begins in Niagara Falls then to Palmyra New York and ends with the climactic events of the Kirtland Temple in Ohio.

  • Smith farm
  • Whitmer farm
  • Smith family stone wall
  • sacred grove

The New York Tour:

Best enjoyed in the Spring or Fall

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Unique Experiences

The finger lakes district in western New York is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Here the Smith family lived and farmed, here they laid the very foundation from which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints would grow.

You will experience the power and awe of Niagara Falls. You will experience the events of the early life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, from his initial meeting in the most Sacred of Groves, to the interviews with the Angel Moroni. You will see the family farm, the Palmyra Temple, all that encompassed the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon.

You will see where revelation after revelation was received, the sacred baptismal location, where the priesthood was restored and some very sacred family graves. You will then experience Kirtland Ohio. You will see the Temple, the School of the Prophets, the storehouse where many revelations were given. You will see how the saints gathered to Zion in Ohio and all that occurred at the John Johnson farm.

This tour will introduce you to the Prophet Joseph Smith in a way that you will always remember.

We visit the following sites and more:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Palmyra New York
  • Mendon New York
  • Fayette New York
  • Geneva
  • Seneca Lake New York
  • Ithaca New York
  • Harmony Pennsylvania
  • Susquehanna River Pennsylvania
  • Elmira New York
  • Kirtland Ohio
  • Hiram Ohio
  • Cleveland Ohio
  • Fairport Harbor Ohio

Pricing and Inclusions

Our tours include the following:

  • Air Fare
  • Hotels
  • Tour Guide Services
  • Transportation
  • A Journal
  • A Study Guide
  • Digital Photo Album of the Trip
  • Pre-Tour Study Materials
  • ...and most important, An Individual Experience!

Day-by-Day Itinerary

The following day-by-day itinerary is a partial list of your tour.

The itinerary below is subject to change as needed at any time to accomplish everything we can in each area we visit. We will have local guides who will make sure we see the very best in the time we have.

Day 1, Thursday: Fly to New York, enjoy the evening in Niagara Falls.

Day 2, Friday: See the falls up-close and travel to Palmyra to the Hill Cumorah and The Smith Family Farm

Day 3, Saturday: See the Grandin Press Building and other Sites in Palmyra including the Temple

Day 4, Sunday: Begin the morning in the Sacred Grove, then Church at the Whitmer Farm

Day 5, Monday: Visit the Susquehanna river, and then to Kirtland

Day 6, Tuesday: Kirtland Temple

Day 7, Wednesday: Hiram and the John Johnson Home, other Ohio sites

Day 8: Thursday: Fly home

*If you'd like to make your own airfare arrangements, or any other travel arrangements, please let us know and we can make an adjustment to the total price. Single room accommodations are available at a little higher price.

Pre-Trip Study Materials

Preparation can begin well before your trip starts.

One of the essential elements to a wonderful history tour is your personal preparation. We have created a number of resources that will help you prepare for your tour. These are designed to give you a summary of what you will see, some historical background and context, plenty to read, packing lists, and most of all, we want to prepare you for what you will feel and experience  →

You will also Receive a comprehensive Study Guide and Individual Journal for each Tour


Your Private Tour Guide

Since 2003, Dr. Sterling Jack has been a volunteer instructor with Seminaries and Institutes, teaching is his Passion. Upon completing his Doctorate in 2009 he has been working as a Professor and Investment Advisor.

Following years of study and research, Sterling has finally begun to share his passion and expertise for Church History, on location, where it all happened.  Visiting these places with Sterling will be a rare experience to be cherished and remember for a life time.

sacredgrove_bioSterling at the Sacred Grove

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